A New Era in Chicago!

Posted on May 9, 2013 at 6:13 pm

I am extremely excited to finally spread the word about the launch of New Era Windows, a worker-owned cooperative formed by the workers of the factory formerly owned by Serious Energy, and formerly-formerly by Republic Windows and Doors. You might remember them from footage of their first sit-in strike in 2008, towards the end of Michael Moore's Capitalism: A Love Story, flirting with the idea of taking the factory for themselves and reorganizing as a worker-owned cooperative, taking inspiration from the experience of Argentina's coop movement.

Building on their struggle dealing with not one, but two sets of owners, both of whom had threatened them with mass layoffs in the depths of the financial crisis, the workers at New Era have finally been able to buy back their own machinery and are now proudly launching as their own worker-controlled cooperative, with the help of UE Local 1110 and The Working World.

Steve and Brendan at The Working World brought me on to design, build, and launch New Era's website and logo, and while we were on a relatively short turnaround deadline, I am extremely excited and honored to have helped make this endeavor finally come together. Check them out at http://newerawindows.com, and make sure to also click through to the Democracy Now interview with Ricky, Armando, and Brendan and the article in The Nation. Also, please help The Working World continue supporting the coop!

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