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Hi there, and welcome to my portfolio! My name is TC, and I really, really enjoy working with non-profits, activists, and other social justice groups (like your own?) to help fine-tune their graphic presences.

With significant experience and training in both graphic design and grassroots non-profit action all around the world, I am devoted to combining the abstract with the concrete, helping you to plan, develop, and implement coherent graphic identity systems across the wide range of communications media in the non-profit sector.

Please feel free to browse the site for examples of my previous work in logo, web, and print design. While you're at it, send me a request for any design work you'd like to get done, and let's figure out how we can work together soon!

About Me

I fully occupied the “science nerd” end of the social ecosystem while in high school, and am absolutely thrilled to find myself applying the very same skills of synthesis and analysis I developed in school to help potentiate your work in effecting positive social change throughout the world.

With a BA in graphic design from Yale University, an MA in international development from the Institute of Development Studies in the UK, and seven years traipsing the world as a disaster response aid worker, there is nothing I enjoy more than distilling all those various experiences into my work, helping others develop their own graphic voices.

In my free time, I like learning how to visualize data, making my own kombucha, working on my sketching skills, and daydreaming about snowboarding back home in Vermont.

About This Site

This site it built in Drupal 7 and makes heavy use of the Views module.

The headings are set in Gill Sans, which was designed by legendary type designer Eric Gill in 1928 and was greatly influenced by Johnston Sans, the proprietary typeface originally developed for the London Underground.

The text is set in PT Sans, which was designed in 2009 to accommodate the Cyrillic characters used by most of the minority languages of Russia, and is also highly legible for screen uses.

Brooklyn, NY

graphic design, logos, and web development for the greater good